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Future Islam Project Report

The objective of the project was to design and develop a multilingual website for Future Islam Publications. Futureislam magazines release every six months in Urdu, English and Arabic Languages respectively. As per the proposal the objective was to develop 3 websites in above mentioned languages with a single admin panel.

The old site was completely built on scratch code and the code structure was junk. So we had to head start with a better plan. The main task was to integrate all three websites to single and highly flexible admin panel, where the user can update and maintain all three sites simultaneously. We integrated all the three websites to a single and user-friendly admin panel.

The development begins with the design and development of front page and collecting all the required data from the old server. As the image resolutions on the old site was too low, we had to select high resolution license Free stock photos for the presentation.

Link to the Site

English:            http://futureislam.com

Arabic:            http://futureislam.com/arabic

Urdu:               http://futureislam.com/urdu


The development begin with design of front page for all three websites, assignments of different blocks and placement of each and every block at predefined places on the page. There was a requirement of customized slider to display top and most recent articles. This was done using a high end slider editor. Which made it possible to create custom sliders with exact requirements.

Navigation structure:

Navigation Menu is fully responsive and is integrated with Megamenus to ensure you don’t miss the recent updates. Magazine issue button on the navigation bar is integrated with the custom coded issue page which loads on click and also the mega menu dropdown gives you insights on recent eight issues.

The following are the Main features added on Futureislam.com

  • Mega menu for Header
  • Fully responsive slider with different views for mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs
  • The front page is divided into different blocks and each block represents a particular category

Search and Live search

Live search makes your searching experience better by showing you the results instantly. Type To Search – When you click on any character key on the keyboard, the search overlay box will appear. Based on compact search layout.

Social Icons – social icons menu on the top bar allows the website to share its social platforms like twitter, facebook, google+, youtube and many more.

Breaking News tag on header shows trending news based on category/tag/custom text. Here one can see the recent updates on the site or the author can use it as a site wide notification bar using custom texts.

We have integrated the website with Interactive megamenus for each menu items. And different designs were applied to different categories.

In addition to these main features we also have configured the following

  • Website’s General Settings
  • Fully customized and responsive Layouts for different pages and posts and to its respective categories


The top bar has a special button which on click slides out an overlay which includes top posts and most recent activities on the website. It can be used to quickly overview the most popular and most commented articles on the website.

The issue page is designed especially for the magazine archives and will contain list of all magazines in masonry layout. In addition to this it is configured in such a way that every issue shows the post categories as defined by us. The editor’s note will be on the top followed by the leading posts, insights, and rest of the categories will be shown below this if available. The issue page follows the following blocks in given order starting with the Editor’s Note, leaders, Insights, Book Reviews and Editor’s Pick. The Design of issue page is in such a way that the author/editor can easily include additional block seamlessly into the page. And if that particular block is empty it will automatically get hidden from the page.


Single Post/text Share Buttons for various social media handles are provided on every post and articles. So that users can easily share the whole or part of the article without any hassle. Also for mobile devices social platforms like WhatsApp, telegram etc. have been included. While using the website on mobiles the most used social platforms like twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, becomes handy. They are stacked to bottom of the screen so that the reader can easily share any article using single click.

Also if the reader wants to share particular line, sentence or quote on social platforms he can just select the text and the popup will launch asking reader to share the particular text on social media sites like twitter Facebook and LinkedIn. The shared post will also include link back to the complete article.

User can define the type of post he/she is publishing and can easily manage and modify different taxonomies easily. The post type includes Standard posts, image post, video posts, audio posts, Location based posts and also slider posts. Each post types has different parameters which makes it easy for user to write different posts with ease.


The author can give highlights, Index the article for different subheadings, drop cap features, different quotations layouts and many minute features make it a completely flexible editor for an author to publish his articles in a very attractive and impressive manners.


All the three sites are integrated with qur’anic fonts and will be displayed only on qur’anic verses without effecting the fonts of rest of the article. The custom class is defined and the font is integrated with the website so that no matter what device you are using the qur’anic verses will be displayed in the same font. The side bar is made sticky so that the place won look empty while reading long articles. And it also includes space to place ad banners, Social media sites, popular articles, most commented articles, subscription forms and many more. At the end of every article the user will have options to read next and the previous articles, a set of three trending articles, and also a must read article that will slide into the window.

Search Engine Analysis and Optimization (SEO)


As the website was designed and executed several times in past year… it was a challenging work to find all the broken links and redirect them to new URLs. There were several links going back to error #404, with the help of high end Google and Yandex search engines platforms we were able to redirect maximum links back to new URLs. This is done by submitting the sitemap of new websites to Google and Yandex Webmaster and Search Console Tools.

Also to get in-depth analysis of website, targeted audience and traffic sources we integrated the website with Google Analytics. Which helps the website by giving complete report on the type of users using the site, most searched keywords on the sites, external and internal links, locations based usage reports, etc.


In addition to this we have also integrated SEO plugin to seamlessly help you index your posts, articles and issues without any hassle. The following are the list of SEO and SMO operations we have upgraded in Futureislam.com.

  • Search keywords optimization on articles. The editor and add up to five specific and targeted keywords on articles
  • Link Popularity report by Google Analytics
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Website Structure analysis
  • SEO Compatibility Check
  • Broken Links Check
  • Browser Compatibility Check
  • On-Page Optimization
  • URL Mapping, URL Rewriting, and URL redirection.
  • Title Tags, Meta Tags, Keyword Density, Proximity & Prominence Check
  • Google Analytic Account Setup
  • Webmaster Tools (Google/Bing)Account Set Up
  • XML and TXT Sitemap Generation
  • Off-Page Optimization and Link Building
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • RSS Submission
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube pages integration
  • Mobile Compatibility Suggestions
  • Traffic Log Analysis

Premium SEO plugin is integrated on all three websites so that admin can easily mention focused keywords and get more targeted traffic.

Apart from this the site is indexed on search engine and is being monitored for crawl errors and other errors. And is fully optimized to load on different devices.


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